More than 40 countries ban travel from UK

Concerns over a new strain of Coronavirus has prompted more than 40 countries to ban any travel to the UK.

This has potentially angered Brexiteers who thought they’d be getting the joy of banning foreigners from entering the UK.

Countries within the EU have done with a simple press release what we in the UK have been trying to do in the past 4-5 years.

A full list of countries who’ve banned travel from the UK can be found by clicking here.

Massive lines spanning miles of lorry’s in Kent have also added to the disaster situation the UK finds itself in.

Supermarkets have been warning consumers not to buy more than they need as another empty-shelves situation is expected – Supermarkets themselves have been told to stockpile in case of a No Deal situation.

On a positive note, 350,000 people have been vaccinated in the UK with the Pfizer vaccine. The UK Government is hopeful that the Oxford vaccine will be rolled out around the New Year. Fake news has been spreading about the vaccines, be sure to tackle any spread of conspiracy theories with anyone that raises it, including with people that you know.

On another positive note, the UK Government is looking more and more likely on reaching a deal as it would be hard for Boris to justify a No Deal Brexit to millions of Brits who would see their businesses become uncompetitive and fail if Britain switches to WTO rules, creating many new tariffs.

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