US Election Update: Biden likely to win Pennsylvania, decisive victory likely

We here at Franglish Politics declared yesterday afternoon that Joe Biden was likely to win narrowly – we have now increased this to a likely decisive victory for Joe Biden.

This comes as we predict that Joe Biden will win the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with it’s 20 electoral votes, pushing his tally to 290. Without Pennsylvania, Biden will have the bare minimum of 270 needed to win a majority in terms of electoral college votes.

This comes as Biden has slashed Trump’s lead substantially – when 75% of the votes were counted, Trump had a lead of around 600,000. With 89% of the votes counted, Trump’s lead has substantially reduced, he now only leads by 164,418 votes, a drop of almost 440,000. With 11% of votes left in heavily Democratic areas (all mail-in), the likelihood of Biden overtaking Trump is substantial.

Georgia is also at risk for Trump, as the remaining mail-in ballots might edge Biden into the lead at the last leg of counting.

Therefore we have predicted Joe Biden will win because there is still a possibility that Biden will win in Georgia, with its 16 electoral votes, pushing him to 306, way past the 270 needed to declare victory.

Though we are certain Joe Biden has won and will become the 46th President of the United States of America, we will issue caution as this still isn’t over – legal challenges are going to come.

The end of the Trump era is coming, rejoice!

Franglish Politics

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