The Northerners who voted Tory in 2019 are now paying the price – the Nasty Tory Party is back in full force

Remember the Exit Poll, 10PM, 12th December 2019. The Tories were rightfully predicted to make big gains – Labour rightfully predicted to lose a lot of seats. The North didn’t remember years of suffering under the Tories in the 1980s, as Labour’s Red Wall in the North was smashed. The Working Class, those with a low income, and those lacked a degree, overwhelmingly voted for the Conservatives, much more so than those with a higher income, and much more than those who are university-educated. Many compared it to Turkey’s voting for Christmas – and it seems this has been proven again and again and again by the Tory Government whom couldn’t care less about the living standards of those who put them in power with a comfortable majority.

Very recently, the Tories overwhelmingly voted against an extension to free-school meals over the winter break – they were forced into an embarrassing u-turn in the summer, when the campaign lead by Manchester United striker and dear comrade, Marcus Rashford MBE, picked up momentum and popularity. This will leave thousands of already poverty-stricken children hungry during one of the longest, hardest winters this country will know, as the pandemic picks up pace again, and a no-deal Brexit looms.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the North was totally screwed over by the Tory Government they voted for, as the Tier 2 and Tier 3 lockdown forced many businesses to shut WITHOUT the adequate Government support – Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester, accused the Government playing poker over people’s lives: “If the Government put £60 million on the table, I mean, surely, if they are taking that off again, is that a game of poker? Are they playing poker with places? And people’s lives through a pandemic? Is that what this is about?

Local leaders initially wanted £90 million in financial support for businesses and staff in Greater Manchester, but they reduced their demand to £75 million, and then further to £65 million, but the government refused to budge, according to Mr Burnham.

The Government initially only offered £8 per head.

This is on top of the other campaigns of pure barbarity and evil the government has initiated.

The Government declared war on culture, and told us all to get into cyber, that the arts was economically unviable. It seems the Government was secretly controlled by a heartless foreign species from out of this world, as no human being could possibly disregard the arts.

Even when the Government told us to retain – teacher training bursaries were heavily cut: “The government announced it was cutting all teaching bursaries (non-repayable government grants) for arts, English and humanities subjects in England from 2021. There are still bursaries available for subjects including sciences, languages and maths, but the amount offered is falling by as much as 50%.”

It seems the war on art and culture by the Tory Government rages on.

We will see where all this corruption and embarrassment will lead us to. The devastation of a No-Deal Brexit has yet to come. This will be the hardest winter we have known since the Second World War. May our Lord God have mercy on our souls.

#JeSuisProf #JeSuisCharlie

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