Labour wins LANDSLIDE VICTORY in New Zealand in a historic win

Comrade Jacinda Ardern has lead New Zealand’s Labour Party to a historic landslide – not one seen in decades.

The world-renowned, level-headed leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of New Zealand will begin her second-term.

Her first term saw historic difficulties for New Zealand – with one of the worst terrorist attacks, a natural disaster, and then the pandemic. She lead her country bravely through each heart-breaking challenge and catastrophe, and has won the hearts and minds of both her country and the world, being a shining example that Social-Democratic leader is the best choice of leader for any situation.

The Guardian summarised the election:

“With nearly 100% of the vote counted, Labour had secured 49%, with the opposition National party on 27%. Labour was expected to win 64 of the 120 seats in parliament, and National, 35. It is the best result for the Labour party in 50 years, being hailed as “extraordinary” by the former Labour prime minister Helen Clark, and “mind-blowing” by supporters.”

We wish Jacinda Ardern many more years of power, may her example shine a light of hope in the UK – an alternative form of government IS possible, things don’t have to remain the way they are here in Britain – we can have that progressive, kind, caring, anti-austerity, pro-investment government too.

#JeSuisProf #JeSuisCharlie

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