The worst Government in living memory lead polls by 10 points – a sad day for the UK

The lying shameful government led by dictator and unelected bureaucrat Dominic Cummings is ahead of ‘Mr. Electable’ Kier Starmer’s Labour Party by 10 points, according to the most recent YouGov Poll.

Why? How?

Either this this poll is highly flawed (we bloody hope so!) or that during a crisis, the sheeple blindly follow their leaders, even if their leaders are useless charlatans controlled by their puppet masters.

10 points, a double digit lead, is still quite shocking considering that Labour elected Sir Kier Starmer (oooh, he’s even a sir!). He’s meant to be super duper electable!! Even Jeremy Clarkson, a lifelong Tory and chum of David Cameron said even he’d vote for Kier Starmer’s Labour.

Perhaps it’s because Labour isn’t offering anything different – they’re not backing Universal Basic Income which would help millions of people stay out of poverty during the potential massive increase of unemployment. They didn’t back an extension for the Brexit timetable during this Pandemic either. What is Labour offering? We don’t really know.

Sir Kier’s performances at PMQ’s has been great, and so has the Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds who’s rivalling Rishi Sunak’s charisma, but this hasn’t had an impact on the polls. The Labour Party needs to come up with policies and state what they’d do differently. They need to offer an alternative rather than just criticising. Again, we pray this poll is flawed but my goodness does it have to be very very flawed.

Austerity has been proven to be a myth – offer that alternative. This should be the winter of our discontent, so make it so Sir Kier!

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Share this article far and wide. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your distance with others.


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