Comrade Rashford succeeds as the Gov. U-turns on School Meal Cuts in humiliating defeat

Comrade Marcus Rashford – the England & Manchester United Striker – has succeeded in his campaign to make the Government think twice about not extending school meals into the summer holidays – as they now say they WILL extend Free School Meal Vouchers into the summer holidays so that disadvantaged families who are already facing severe financial difficulties due to the Pandemic aren’t further punished.

Labour would have forced a vote on the issue later today, and with mass Conservative rebellion possible as some Tory MPs potentially didn’t want to seem like a heartless Dickensian monsters – Boris’s Government did a humiliating U-turn and announced a £120m package to cover free school meals during the summer holiday.

Rashford recalled his own experience, as his single-mother raised five kids and continuously struggled to provide food on the plate for her children “You know, what families are going through now, I once had to go through that, same system, and it’s very difficult to find a way out but, now that I’m in this position that I’m in, it’s very important for me to help the people that are struggling.”

Talk about being class conscious! Bravo Comrade Rashford

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